All the products of Heinrich Barth are manufactured in Italy. The primary line is without scent, neutral, cruelty-free and designed for a traveller who wants to feel comfortable in his environment without leaving a trace. The creams and lotions are perfect companions to protect your skin from the sun – whether at the pool or during a mountain hike. The Hair & Body Cleanser is refreshing and nourishing, devoid of artificial ingredients.

Heinrich Barth Not Another Concept Store

In Japan you are greeted with a friendly „Kon’nichi-wa“, a friendly smile and a little bow. How do you feel today? KENICHIWA beauty has put together a new beauty brand with quality products from the field of decorative cosmetics, and will accompany you with helpful tips for their application.

Saint Charles Cosmetics and Naturals are the biological lines of the Saint Charles pharmacy. In creating these series, pharmacist Alexander Ehrmann can pursue his passion for the development of high-quality and effective natural remedies and cosmetics. Saint Charles has been international since May 2009. Our sister, the Saint Charles Apotheke Pariserstrasse, lives in Berlin.

Alexander Ehrmann SaintCharles - Not Another Concept Store