Moulham Obid was born in Massiaf, Syria. He studied visual communication and holds the university degree of a Bachelor of Fine Arts. After his Education at the renowned Fashion College in Vienna Herbststrasse he won the government scholarship of AFA Stipendium 2018. His first collection in 2017 was about: The myth of the GOLDEN CUT – the perfect equation – which can be found in arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, art, music and even nature itself. That’s the reason why the young Designer Moulham Obid has chosen this. As a result of his success he won the Austrian Fashion Talent Award 2017 sponsored by Austria’s leading Diva Fashion Magazine. Moulham Obid’s imaginative crafted creations made of the finest textiles included a handmade tulle coat which was shown in a Mac Donalds advertisement and therefore it was the most publicly acclaimed item. Mastering the transition of the applied laws of the golden ratio to the cuts and patterns was the challenge. He himself made these extraordinary fashion garments including all hand embroidery and the elaborate couture techniques which he has acquired at fashion college Herbststrasse.