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FAULHABER PRODUCTS is a Berlin based collection of products with focus on design, long lastency and quality of life. Launched in 2017 the brand, owned by Melanie Faulhaber, stretches its operation all through Europe. Dedicated to true luxury, the brand takes a responsible approach at the processing of life time lasting products. FAULHABER PRODUCTS produces european products functional, sustainable and ethical.



FAULHABER PRODUCTS features fine bags, multifunctional talents, backpacks and accessoires of leather while believing in the significance of beloved products. Each creation develops an individuality through daily use by maturing and expanding even more beauty with passing time. Made to become once an essential companion of life. All products follow essence and purpose with simplicity and functionality.



FAULHABER PRODUCTS wants to change the reputation of luxury by focusing sustainability and responsibility. The brand oporates without complex supply chains and relies on long-term and selected partnerships and a meaningful use of resources. All materials are natural and sourced to ensure the highest standards are met from earth origin to the final product regarding sustainability and the impact to the environment.



Putting social and environmental sustainability in the center of the design process, each item is created with the goal to be effort- and timeless. FAULHABER PRODUCTS contribution to a better world: information and transparency. Individualised by serial numbers, the brand is able to provide information about the exact, individual production process of every companion, crafted by manufacturers, who have been skilled in producing and processing high-quality for generations.

FAULHABER PRODUCTS are designed to be your closest assistant. Made to mature and beeing our children´s heritage…that is true luxury.